Lexio – The No Code Revolution!

We understand that SME’s struggle to compete for more profitable contracts due to the many barriers to app development. The technical skill required, the months of development time and the costs incurred often mean this is a service that SME’s cannot offer their clients. Lexio is the solution…

The no code approach

SME’s can now develop bespoke apps for their clients in minutes instead of months for a fraction of the cost (It’s true – ask us about a free trial if you don’t believe how easy it is!). Shorter development time and lower set up costs mean these savings can also be passed on to clients, giving your service the competitive edge you’ve been searching for…

Lexio - The No Code Revolution!


The Lexio platform offers small to medium enterprises (SME’s) a full stack app development solution, enabling companies like yours to compete in larger, more lucrative markets.

A full stack solution

A high quality, seamless app build – every time

A no code approach that means SME’s can create apps for clients without technical skill

App development that takes just minutes rather than months

One size really does fit all- our software works across both Android and iOS, meaning just one build


How It Works

We understand the importance of being able to offer the most up-to-date, professional product to your clients. This is how we do it…

Our Trusted Brand Partners

Our trusted Brand Partners are carefully selected, independent developers with a wealth of experience…

Ongoing Development

Each of our Brand Partners are in a customer facing role in their own companies, who build additional features based on the real-time needs of their clients…

Building Lexio

Each time a Brand Partner writes a new feature, this is rigorously tested and then incorporated into Lexio for the rest of our community to use…

Benefits for Our Brand Partners

Each time the feature is used in another app project, the developer receives a fee for their contribution. Our Brand Partners enjoy a supportive online community in which to develop and grow…

Benefits for Your Clients

Your clients will be safe in the knowledge that each of the features have been rigorously tested and built using a robust architecture and platform. This ensures a clean, high-performing, professional, seamless app project – every time

Next stop… THE WORLD!

We predict rapid growth over the coming months and would love for you to be a part of our journey! If you feel you would be the perfect addition to our team of Brand Partners, please do get in touch!

We are really proud of our software and (of course!) we want to show everyone what we can do- we are sure that you will love it! As a thank you for taking a look, we are offering you the chance to preview an app, completely free of charge! Go on, take a look…

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If you think you would be an valuable addition to our team of brand partners, or if you would like some more information about Lexio please do get in touch! It would be great to hear from you.

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